Institutional Foreign Exchange service

As a provider of foreign exchange services to institutional clients, we deliver competitive prices in G10, RUB and EM currency pairs. Our strategic focus is in Russian Ruble, with prices available 24/5 at tight spreads. 

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Institutional Foreign Exchange

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Institutional Foreign Exchange sales
Phone: +357 22 470969


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Phone: +357 22 470963

FX Spot

We provide electronic access in G10 currency pairs, Ruble  and other EM currencies via GUI or API. Our team is available  for voice trading, Reuters dealing and Bloomberg. We offer deep liquidity and expertise in both International and Russian markets.

Additional FX products
  • Settlement via our 3rd party access to CLS
  • Liquidity in Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium
  • FX Forwards and Swaps up to 5 years
  • Conversion settlements + cash payments
  • Platform white label services

  • Minimal spreads in RUB pairs
  • Competitive spreads in G10 currency pairs
  • Access to CLS 
  • Connection via API, GUI or Mobile App
  • Onboarding via ISDA, 3-way agreement, 4-way agreement, MTA, Fastmatch semi-disclosed

  • FIX API either direct or using 3rd party providers such as Lucera, PrimeXM, Onezero and Tradertools and others
  • GUI connection via BierbaumPro professional trading platform
  • Semi-disclosed FASTMATCH connections


Our services are custom-tailored to banks, institutional brokers, high frequency traders (HFT), proprietary trading desks, broker dealers, hedge funds, retail brokers and money managers, corporates and family offices.


Our liquidity is aggregated from tier-1 banks and non-bank liquidity providers.  We market make and hold our own positions, which helps us to offer better prices and execution.