Fixed Income

We provide services to institutional clients on global markets, including asset managers, banks, corporates, hedge funds, insurance companies and qualified private investors.

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Fixed Income
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Bond Trading

We provide trading opportunities to international investors in the Russian and CIS Eurobond and local bond markets. We also operate globally through a wide network covering North America, LatAm, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

We provide trading services in a full range of cash bonds, including investment grade, high-yield and distressed securities.

Access to Primary Bond Placement

Our team provides easy access to primary bond markets, where clients can participate in new bond issues worldwide. We are committed to spreading the coverage of global markets to buy-side investors.

Lending and Borrowing

To optimize and increase their portfolio performance, investors require securities lending and borrowing. Financing to institutional investors is one of the core competences of Alfa Capital Markets Ltd.

We provide:

  • Financing on variable and fixed terms, cross-currency REPO
  • Financing for clients in primary bond placements
  • Margin trading in a range of asset types

Margin trading in Bonds under ISDA agreements

Institutional clients and qualified private investors can build profitable portfolios by trading a wide range of fixed income instruments under the ISDA agreement. Moreover, this agreement brings all the benefits of a diversified portfolio in a range of asset classes including Equity, Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities.

The agreement provides margin trading, which may be used to finance buy-side and sell-side strategies.